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Information Technology


Bean Creek Partners provides information technology services to healthcare and human service providers, and small medical clinics.

Our Mission

... is to bring the highest level of professional information technology services to medical and healthcare service clinics and agencies..

Medical and healthcare communities have unique requirements for security, privacy, and reliability, including compliance with HIPAA, and increased need for meaningful use of electronic health record implementation.

Our focus on healthcare for the last eight years along with following standards and changes in IT health protocols and requirements has helped us become experts in this area. Our solutions have the security, privacy and reliability required to assure compliance with PHI requirements. We will work with your clinic to achieve meaningful use of certified EHR technology. We are knowledgeable in the activities and workflow involving coding and billing, as well as Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.

Each clinic is unique, and each has its own methods and workflow requirements. Our purpose is help your clinic become more efficient without disrupting existing useful workflow methods.